Starting A New Business Marketing "Musts" Part 3

January 09, 2018

Continuing on from our first two parts: Marketing "Musts" when starting a new business...

When starting a new business, many ways exist for you to market and also gain quick credibility. Sure, there's a never-ending list of things to do when starting and running a business, but often times new business owners fail to market aggressively during their start-up months.

I honestly believe marketing is an on-going essential for every business. Even if you have a very high repeat purchase rate with customers, you're always going to need to attract and secure new customers- either from attrition or if you wish to grow your business.

But during the first few months, it's vital to secure new business.

So here are a few more ways to help you get started:

1) Newspaper, TV and Radio

Even though viewer and listenership for these media has been very wonky since the internet exploded onto the scene, there's still some valuable exposure you can gain that will actually hit your target demographics. A carefully planned marketing campaign for one or all of these media can really help you get the word out about your new venture.

2) Coupon mailers

Many areas have companies that offer targeted coupon mailers. Good old fashion snail-mail can still give huge response. Especially since there's much less competition with other snail-mail business. Here's a post I recently wrote about snail-mail marketing.

3) Pound The Pavement

I realize most people dread the thought of actually going door-to-door to promote their business, but this one is tried-and-true and will always work, no matter what time period or how far the interweb goes at providing new ways to market. When we first started Lets Go Banners, we visited hundreds of businesses in our local area to market our business. It not only gained us valuable clients, but it also provided a great opportunity to discover needs as well as helping us keep a pulse on other sign and banner companies in the area. And it was fun!  Just make sure you have some interesting "leave-behinds" if you choose to pound the pavement.

4) Retail Partnerships

As I posted recently, retail partnerships can be an awesome way to generate business while also gaining credibility, especially if you incorporate your retail partners into your marketing campaigns. Here's a blog post about retail partners.

Incorporating Retail Partners Into Your Marketing Strategy blog post

 Also, here's a couple links to earlier business start-up marketing "musts."

Here's a link to Part 2

Here's a link to Part 1

Thanks for reading!



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