Sign and Banner Fixes - Cost Effective Vinyl Cover Decals/Stickers

How About A Cost-Effective "Fix" To Your Current Banner Or Sign?

Are you looking for an affordable solution to "fixing" or "updating" your permanent sign?  Perhaps your permanent sign featured a phone number that has since changed, or the name of a key employee or partner who is no longer with your company.  Instead of replacing the entire sign, how about a quick and cost-effective solution?

Sign and Banner Easy Vinyl Fixes

We call it our vinyl "quick-fix," and it can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  It works like this:  first, identify the numbers or names you wish changed or "fixed." Second, measure the width and height of the letters or numbers to be fixed, leaving approximately 1/4" to 1/2" (or less if needed) around the content to be fixed. Third, take a picture of the sign or banner and upload to us.

Our art department then will reconstruct the letters or numbers on vinyl and email a proof to you for approval. We attempt to match the colors based on the picture you upload (exact color matching many not be possible due to sun and weather fading.)

Apply a quick and easy vinyl fix to a sign / banner

Once your artwork is approved, we will print and ship your vinyl "fix" to you.

Although most signs and banners are difficult to match exactly due to weather and sun fading, to the naked eye, from a distance, it's normally hard to distinguish a difference.

It's that easy, and- pricing is very affordable!  And you'll be surprised at how quick and easy this fix is.  And when you compare it to purchasing a new sign or repainting and lettering an entire sign, it's a great deal. Select a size and build your sticker now using our cover sticker creator below! Or, if you prefer a human, call today - we're happy to answer any questions.  It's so simple, almost anyone can do it!

Sign and Banner easy and affordable vinyl cover decal fixes

Design your cover or banner sticker below!

1-5 in. tall and various widths 1-10 in. tall and various widths
Design your banner or sign cover sticker 1-5 inches tall by various widths
Design your banner or sign cover sticker 1-10 inches tall by various widths