PVC Signs With Vinyl Coverings

As a business owner, you have many choices for your permanent sign display and marketing/branding. Often it comes down to budget. For the budget-minded business owner, PVC Signs are a very popular choice.

PVC signs are signs produced using a plastic or PVC substrate, then covered with over-laminated printed vinyl over the surface of the sign. PVC signs can be printed with virtually any choice of graphic, so it's up to you what message or picture your sign will have.  Would you like a wood finish look? Reflective light vinyl for dark parking lots? A beautiful back-image behind your logo? The sky is the limit with PVC signs.

Cost-effective. PVC signs cost a fraction of the price of HDU/sandblasted signs, and fabricated signs.

Fast and easy to produce- no long wait times.

Easy and affordable to change in case you change your logo or marketing message.

Shorter "shelf-life" than HDU/sandblasted or fabricated signs. Depending on the climate in which your PVC sign will be displayed, expect a 2 to 5 year "shelf life," while HDU and Cedar Sandblasted signs are normally expected to last 10 years+.

PVC signs don't offer the "embossed" surface area and quality of HDU/sandblasted signs. However, the options to print stunning vinyl graphics on your PVC sign may outweigh the investment in a HDU/sandblasted sign.

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Production is easy- provide your own artwork or let our designers help you!
Once we understand your vision and goals, we will provide an artwork proof for your PVC sign. Once approved, production normally only takes 1 to 2 business days.

PVC Sign Artwork

Finished PVC Sign Mounted Big Island Hawaii Waimea

Shopping Center PVC Sign Mounted

PVC Sign Hawaii with reflective vinyl

Vinyl PVC Sign Hawaii Big Island Kona

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