HDU - High Density Urethane and Cedar Sandblasted Signs

Nothing says quality and elegance like an HDU (High Density Urethane) or traditional Cedar Sandblasted Sign from Lets Go Banners!  While these signs are somewhat more expensive than traditional pvc signs, there's a payoff... HDU and Sandblasted signs normally have a longer life-span, and the embossed features of these signs simply set them apart from regular less expensive pvc vinyl signs.

Virtually any logo and marketing message can be displayed on these signs, and HDU/Cedar Sandblasted signs can be mounted flush, hung from overhangs, or mounted on posts/poles.

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Cedar Sandblasted Sign
sample Cedar Sand Blasted Sign from Lets Go Banners

Sample HDU Sign from Lets Go Banners
sample HDU Sign from Lets Go Banners

Looking for a gorgeous HDU sign?   You're in the right place. HDU stands for High Density Urethane.  This synthetic alternative to wood has become very popular in the sand blasted / embossed sign world.

It is extremely durable and weather resistant, (100% waterproof), and is warranted for 10 years against deterioration, warping, and cracking.

HDU and Cedar Sandblasted Signs Production and Finish

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