Stand Out From The Clutter With Snail-Mail Marketing

December 01, 2017

Twenty years ago when you went to your mailbox, chances are you would be flooded with junk-mail marketing offers.  The box would be loaded with catalogs, post cards, offers that looked like they were checks (remember those?) and a plethora of other marketing pieces.

Now, not so much.  With the advent of the internet, email, and social media, every company in the world quickly switched to utilizing these forms of contact to conduct their marketing.  And at first, it was unique.  Now, it's a tsunami of solicitations everywhere you turn. Only a short ten years ago, social media marketing was just starting.  Fast-forward ten years and the internet is inundated with social marketing opportunities.

Check your mailbox lately? If you're like me, there's only a very small fraction of mail compared to 15 to 20 years ago.  I barely receive any marketing email.  And when I do, I actually look at it.

People still receive snail-mail.  And probably will for a very very long time. So my question is, if the competition for your marketing attention is considerably smaller, why not take advantage of this opportunity and test a few snail-mail marketing pieces? Try a mailer with a strong offer that you can easily track.

Trying something new (that was old) and let me know your results!

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