Leave-Behinds, Gifts That Keep On Giving

December 05, 2017

Looking for a unique way to stay in your customers' or prospects' mind?

Consider a custom "value-added" leave-behind.  A leave-behind is an item you (yes) "leave-behind" when you visit a prospect or customer. It can also be an item enclosed in a product box or with service instructions or manuals.

Most people leave behind business cards, but these cards usually get lost, tossed or thrown-in with a million other business cards- thus rendering them mostly useless.

But if you can think of a really unique leave-behind that your customer will actually use, or better yet talk about, you're going to gain a huge asset. Think of the leave-behind as a mini-billboard for you, or even a sales-person out there working on your behalf!

You can find some neat and cost-effective ideas for leave-behind by researching "ad-specialities," or by just brain-storming for ideas.  Even if the item you would like to use costs in the $1 to $5 range, it can often pay-off huge dividends in the future. And you can always have several different leave-behinds depending on which prospect or customer you want to give it to.

I was given a bottle opener from a vendor a long time ago. The vendor's name was imprinted on the handle. I used this bottle opener until I finally lost it. But guess what? Every time I used it, there was the vendor's name and logo clearly in sight.

I've also received calendars, imprinted pens, coozies, thermoses, and even branded coasters.

I've given-away plastic "tip-table" business cards for years. And recently I started using vinyl (banner) business cards. A business card that looks like a banner!

Here's three reasons to implement a leave-behind program:

1). Keeps your company or brand in your prospect's or customer's mind

2). Has the potential of generating referrals

3). If it's a gift that's unique or adds-value, your customer will be thankful to have it, and it may even generate conversations about your company with potential prospects.

A Few Ideas:

Plastic tip-table business cards

Custom calendars (to hang on a wall or to fit in a wallet)



Coffee Mugs

Custom Hydroflasks

Pens and Pencils

USB Drives


Screen cleaners

Bottle openers

Key chains

Mini-screwdriver sets

Point is, there are thousands of different items you can choose from. And the more unique and value-added it is, the more it will be appreciated (and also maybe generate future leads or sales!)

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