Starting A New Business? Here Are Three Marketing "Musts"

January 07, 2018

Starting a new business is exciting. And stressful. Sure, you have 437 things on your "to-do" list. But make sure you place these three marketing essentials at the very top of your list.

1) Make sure your business name and website domain match. Exactly if possible. Think about it. You want to make sure anyone who sees your business name has the easiest path to your website. Zero differences in name and website name is extremely important. What if you can't name them exactly the same? Make sure you name your website something very close to your business name.  For example, say you're starting Anderson Plumbing.  But is already taken.  Choose something that is easy to remember and simple such as or You get the point. Avoid changes in spelling between business name and website name at all costs. Don't even leave off an "s" at the end. Keep them identical if possible!

2) Choose an easy to remember phone number. Try to pick a number that potential customers have a shot at remembering.  Numbers that repeat (555-2222) are always great, but can often be difficult to get. So then go to a "step number" system. 1212 or 1313 or 1010 for the last four digits. If you can find a number that spells something easy to remember, this can also work. 555-SINK. 555-PLUM.

3) Use Camel Case everywhere you print your website: business cards, car magnets, banners, etc.  Not  Here's a blog post I wrote about CamelCase.
Using Camel Case makes your web domain easier to read. Much easier.

Thanks for reading, and if you're starting a new business, best of luck!



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