Make Your Web Address Easy To Read- Use Camel Case!

December 07, 2017

Some web addresses are a little challenging to read, especially if they include several or many words. Since short web addresses are virtually impossible to find (or cost a ton to purchase,) you may be in the category of having a slightly challenging address.

Even if you're web address is a little long, there's a solution to easily communicate your address to your prospects and customers.

Use Camel Case. (here's a link to Wikipedia for CamelCase)

Camel case is the practice of separating words using a capital letter to separate each word.

Which is easier to read?



Sure, this may be an extreme example, but if your web address contains several words, using Camel Case can really help your prospect read it and remember it.

Some of our clients even bold the capital letter in each word:

And you can also use italicized letters:

Sometimes longer domains can be made much easier to read- give CamelCase text a try on your next banner!

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