Starting A New Business Marketing "Musts" Part 2

January 07, 2018

Starting a business is going to keep you very busy. Especially in the very beginning. But as soon as you possibly can, start some fundamental, simple and basic marketing systems to help you start attracting leads and customers. Here are a few marketing systems you can implement quickly and very affordably:

1) Car Magnets
For under $100, you can turn your car or truck into a 24/7 marketing machine. I strongly recommend to almost every business to utilize their vehicles for marketing. Using car magnets (or vinyl lettering/decals) is a fantastic way to market your business. And it's also a fantastic auto-pilot marketing system.

2) Banners
Opening a storefront soon? Get a banner up as fast as possible! Most landlords will allow this, and you want to take advantage of any foot traffic to promote your business as soon as you can. Vinyl banners are a cheap and easy way to get the message out until you have your permanent signage installed.

3) Business Cards
Get business cards printed now! And start giving them to everyone possible. But wait... don't print a boring, ineffective business card, print business cards that actually gets results (read more here.)

4) Fliers
How nice would it be if you had a nice one-page flier to post or hand to potential clients that gave them a great, easy, and fast look at what types of awesome products and services you provide? Make sure you have some fliers with you all the time. You'd be surprised how many times you will have the opportunity to post a flier on a community posting board, or to hand one to a potential client!

5) Yard Signs
Yard signs are a fantastic marketing tool that works. Whether you're opening a retail storefront, an office, or working out of your home, why not post a yard sign (or many) letting people know about your new business? Again, these are cheap and easy (so what if a couple get stolen or removed?). Here's a post I wrote about yard signs.

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