Business Card Basics - Common Sense Practices

December 14, 2017

Upon returning from a recent sign industry trade show, I started the project of going through a huge box full of new product vendor information.

I'm talking hundreds of catalogs, fliers, and business cards.

Once I sorted the catalogs and fliers, I found a huge stack of business cards at the bottom of the box.

Even though it wasn't that long since I'd attended the trade show, I visited so many vendor booths that the names of these vendors all blurred together. So I was hoping the contact information I collected would be enough to get my bearings for which vendors I may want to contact.

As I started going through the business cards, I was amazed at how many of these cards gave me absolutely no clue as to what the vendor supplied. I mean zero.

Many of them only had the business name and sales rep contact info. That's all! Unless the company name clearly communicated what these vendors supplied, I was in the dark.  XYZ Company, address, phone, website, sales rep and email address were all that was listed on the card. To find out these vendors' products and services, I had to visit each website for more information.

And most of these cards had blank backs, so no additional information there!

So it got me thinking- how many companies under-utilize or even make very basic mistakes with something as simple as a business card?

Paper business cards can get lost in the shuffle anyway. Why leave off basic information that can cause extra work for people receiving a business card.

So here are FIVE Business Card Common Sense Necessities (I'm not going to include basic contact info, hopefully everyone's already doing that!)

1) Tag Line

Near your logo, you should have a tag line that in a short sentence clearly gives the holder a basic and clear idea what your company does. It should be enough to jog the prospect's memory, to get them interested or to help them decide if it's something they currently or may need in the future.

2) Product/Service Summary

On the front of the card, under the tag line, state a few examples of your most popular products or services. Three to five examples is enough (you can list more in your line list- see below.)

3) Line List

A line list is as it sounds- a list of products or services you specialize in. The reverse of your business card is a great place for your line list. You can list as many items that will neatly fit on your card. And stick with basic fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman to make reading very easy. Don't assume your prospect (or even customers) know what you offer. They probably don't. So this is  a great time to educate them.

4) Call To Action

Why not offer your prospect an incentive if they do business with you? Adding an incentive right on your business card is a great way to entice your prospect to choose you over the competition. Can and should be as creative as you can imagine. An example could be: 20% OFF your first order, or "Buy-one get second half price." Choose an offer that makes sense for your industry. If you offer free shipping, display this right on your card! Anything that creates motivation for your prospect to take action.

5) Product Picture(s)

If it makes sense, display a product picture on the reverse above your line list. Remember, you don't have much room, but if a picture of your product will help create interest from your prospect, then add a color picture. Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words.

Final point- when you're handing a prospect your business card, mention to them that your line list is on the reverse and to please take advantage of your call to action. It also doesn't hurt to write your name on the front or back as a personal touch and maybe even a "thank you." If your prospect has 20 business cards, and yours has a short message written in blue or red ink on the front, this will make your business card stand out.

Make your business card EASY for your prospect to contact you! Educate them and provide a call to action. Turn your business card into a true sales tool that gets response.

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