Utilizing Your Vehicle To Promote Your Business

Every time I drive down the road and see a huge van or delivery truck drive by with ZERO marketing messages, I can't believe my eyes!  Or, how many times do we see delivery and company vehicles with a tiny little car magnet, or worse yet, a message that's impossible to read?

Our sales team, on average, receives at least one credible lead per day simply by have an effective set of car magnets or partial / full vehicle wraps on their cars! Now this may not be typical for your industry, but the point is, by taking the time to design and implement car magnets or vinyl on your vehicle, you're in essence, creating a 365, 24/7 marketing opportunity for your business. 

And considering that a pair of decent sized car magnets may set you back only $100 - $150 (or less,) doesn't it seem like a "no-brainer" to get a pair of car magnets on  your vehicle today? Imagine getting a lead when going to the Post Office or while parking your car in a busy shopping center.  Everyone who walks by your car may be a potential customer!

Now if you REALLY want to create a "buzz" for your business, consider investing in a full or partial car / truck vinyl wrap. A car wrap is basically a full or partial special vinyl that covers or "wraps" your vehicle with your marketing message.  And while considerably more expensive than car magnets, the results can often be over the top.  Click on our wrap website link to see examples. Car wraps can often cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000 for partial to full wraps, and truck wraps can cost more. 


Getting The Most "Bang For Your Buck" From Your Car Magnets or Car / Truck Wrap


Once you've decided that utilizing your vehicle for marketing leads is a great idea, choosing the right layout or design is extremely important.  Similar to designing a banner for the highest impact or return on investment, designing your car magnets or wraps correctly makes the difference between getting leads and getting nowhere.

While branding is always important for your business, trying to make your brand or logo be the center point of your car magnets is not always the best approach.  If your goal is to get instant leads and interest, you may want to make the message or product/service being promoted the highlight of your car magnets or wraps. 

As an example, instead of designing your car magnets to read:

"Anderson Professional Services"

you may instead, for better impact, design your car magnets like this:

Marketing For Your Business or
Direct Mail Services or
Affordable Web Design

and the phone number / web site.

And, as always, choosing the correct fonts/colors is very important.  We always keep it simple: Arial Bold for the text and phone/web site, and Black on White or Red on White.  We usually place our logo on the car magnets, but it's a logo that pretty much says it all: Lets Go Banners.

Don't bother with trying to design a background semi-opaque picture, or fitting all kinds of pictures onto the car magnets.  They simply distract from the message!

And while I'm thinking about it, don't forget to put a car magnet on the hood of  your car as well as the tail gate or back of  your vehicle.  Sitting at lights and stop signs are also a great place to pick up leads!