Auto-Pilot Marketing Systems... The Key To A Great Night's Sleep!

December 23, 2017

Auto-Pilot marketing systems are marketing systems that, once put into place, keep giving you marketing results over and over... without any further efforts or expenses. They're the gift that keeps on giving!

I really really like Auto-Pilot systems. Sure, sometimes they take a little work or money to implement, but after you have several or more of these rolling for you, it's awesome how many leads and sales you can continue to receive- often even years later.

Here are some examples of Auto-Pilot marketing. Some that are no-brainers, and some that are a little more creative.

1) Permanent Signage and Displays

Sure, almost every store has signage, but are you getting the most visibility and results from your signage? Your main signage should be easy to read with bright, contrasting colors. But some businesses get really creative and even install vinyl wraps on their windows (on as many sides of the building as possible.) If the additional displays get even a small percentage of new prospects to walk in each day or week, it can lead to a nice increase in sales- that takes no additional effort once you've set-up the signs or displays.

2) In-Store Creative Displays and Vinyl

Anything you can implement within your store to drive leads and sales without additional work or effort is one of the best Auto-Pilot systems you can implement. You already have the prospect in your store- why not set-up systems that market to them without any extra time or expense? One idea I posted about was utilizing your floor to send a marketing message, or creating effective audio messages mixed in with your in-store music. There are many ways to create auto systems. Digital/TV ads/information, wall signage, even displays hanging down in under-utilized corner space.

3) Implement a Bounce-Back Coupon Program

Bounce-back programs can be super effective at generating repeat business from your current customers. Here's an article about bounce-back coupons.

4) Vehicle Magnets, Vinyl Wraps, or Plot-Cut Decals

If you haven't already displayed your marketing message on your company car or truck(s), you're missing out on one of the biggest no-brainer Auto-Pilot Marketing Systems in existence. Your vehicle can be marketing your business 24/7 and wherever you drive it! Wrapping your vehicle can be an investment, but applying plot-cut decals or car/truck magnets is very inexpensive and can generate a lot of leads and business.

5) Organic Search Engine Optimization/Listings

If your website ranks well in the organic or "free" listings on Google, you can receive free leads and sales for a very long time- as long as your rankings stay near the top. It can be tricky and time-consuming implementing an SEO strategy that actually works, but if you (or a company that you trust) can help you with this, it can pay dividends for a very long time. Lets Go Banner's original site has ranked well for years. Since going through our web migration and rebuilding, it's affected our rankings. So we have a lot of work to do!

6) Music On Hold

If you receive a lot of in-bound phone calls from prospects or customers, are you playing marketing messages mixed in with your music on hold? Whenever a customer or prospect is on hold, even (hopefully) for a very short while, why not mention a few or many products or services you offer that they may not know about? Or information about any specials or discounts?

7) Product Flyers/Catalogs Inserted Into Product Boxes

Any time you ship or deliver a product to your customer, are you placing a product flyer or catalog in the box (along with a bounce-back coupon)? Product flyers are a great way to educate your customer about additional items you carry. Or if you provide services, why not include a service flyer mentioning additional services your customer might be interested in?

These are just a few ideas. Brain-storm to come up with additional ones! Anytime you can implement a marketing system that works consistently and effortlessly, it's a true Auto-Pilot system that can pay dividends (sometimes even while you sleep!)

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