Marketing At Your Feet... Turn Your Snore-Floor Into A Money-Store!

December 01, 2017

You have the banners, the collateral, the website, the social media, the signage, the digital display, and the vehicle graphics.... What if you were literally standing on a golden opportunity that a very rare few of your competitors are taking advantage of?

There's gold in them thar hills.  And also in them thar floors.

Floor space is everywhere.  Just sitting there (or maybe laying there?) Right under your feet. Can't do without it without bad results.  But empty naked floor space makes me think of naked company trucks or cars that are not promoting their marketing message or offers.  An opportunity to promote your business with little expense.  An opportunity to promote your business with "auto-pilot" marketing (look for a future blog about "auto-pilot" marketing.)

I learned about vinyl floor graphics a couple years after starting Lets Go Banners.  A large grocery store chose us to install floor graphics for directional purposes. Basically to help point people to the right check-out lane. (You can see some pictures of floor vinyl graphics here)

Over the years, we've printed and installed many floor vinyl graphic projects. Some are directional (as in the above example,) and some are marketing oriented. But it's always made me wonder, why aren't more retail oriented businesses taking advantage of this.  Here are just a few ideas I've thought of:

Floor graphics at entry points promoting dinner specials or holiday specials (or website, reservation information, catering, or just some nice juicy pictures of your entrees to get the customers fired-up.)

Clothing Stores
Floor graphics all over the store promoting up-sells.  "Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off," "Sign-up for our loyalty program and receive 20% off your next purchase," "Hot-Spot Special- 50% Off The Selection On This Wall." (I've never been in clothing/retail, but these are just ideas that come to mind.  The Sky's (er-uh-floor's) THE LIMIT!

Supply-Oriented Stores
Floor graphics for up-sells such as, "Do you also need XYZ (with arrows pointing direction.) Or "Did you know we also have the best prices on XYZ related projects."
Or even QR codes on the floor so customers can get instant installation or project-planning tips from your website.

Hotels / Resorts / Casinos
Besides all the marketing opportunities for floor vinyl in these industries, there's also some pretty good opportunities to give your clients service and quick satisfaction.  Here's one I'd like to see: upon exciting the elevator on my floor, how about a floor graphic not far out of the elevator telling me where the ice machines or vending machines are?  Or some easy directional floor graphics if there are choices to be made such as which hall to take.  You get the point. Marketing is huge, but client satisfaction can be improved with some basic floor graphic information.  Who doesn't look down at their shoes once in a while?

What would my life look like without a floor?
I would probably fall more and more.
But if the floor is there,
Seems to be EVERYWHERE,
Than why not monetize it for more?

Thanks for reading. And always, if you have questions, please Live Chat us or call: 866-267-5814.


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