Vehicle Decals VS Full & Partial Wraps... Which Is Right For Me?

December 17, 2017

So you've made the decision that branding your company vehicle(s) with vinyl is the way to go to increase local exposure and sales.

You received a couple quotes from local sign shops for full vehicle wraps and you were surprised at how expensive the investment would be.

It's no secret that full and even partial vehicle vinyl wraps are a significant investment. Often in the several thousand dollar range for even small to medium size vehicles. Most premium vinyls (such as 3M Cast+Laminates) are very expensive. But the quality is superior.

But did you know that you can often receive even BETTER exposure and response with custom plot-cut decals/lettering instead of making the investment in a full vinyl wrap?

Several years ago, in many areas, it was a huge novelty to see a fully-wrapped car or truck in bright colors driving down the street.  But fast-forward to today; in many markets, the streets are flooded with full vinyl wraps.  Sure, some of the better and creative designs still get attention, but wraps (especially in larger cities) are more common-place today.

So which is the better decision? Full or partial wrap OR plot-cut vinyl?

Here are three questions to help you decide:

1) Would a full or partial wrap (especially with a very effective design) get attention in my area? Or are there already 10,000 wrapped cars driving up and down the street?

2) Could my design team (or sign shop) come up with an effective plot-cut design that would be just as effective for a fraction of the money?

3) What's my budget? If you're on a tight budget, it might be a really easy decision to go with plot-cut vinyl.

I've seen many plot-cut vinyl vehicles that scream their marketing message 100 times better than some full vinyl wraps. If you have an effective design, it's going to win whether you use plot-cut or full wraps. Some full or partial wraps with poor designs can be a complete waste of money. Some of the best plot-cut designs displayed a short message and huge phone number (in bright, contrasting colors.)

Talk with your designer. Talk with your sign-shop. Or feel free to give us a call with questions: 866-267-5814.

Thanks for reading!



ps, check out some pictures of our vehicle graphics here

or read this article we posted about vehicle graphics


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