Hear That Sound? It's the sound of an audio sales message boosting your sales!

December 16, 2017

So your prospect walked into your store.

They walked in, walked-around, and then?

What if, just what if...

You could implement an inexpensive system to help make your customer relax.... AND, actually create a "buying-atmosphere" for your prospects?

You can!

Most retail stores and offices play music. Some play radio, some play sponsored music, some play crap (just kidding, well maybe not.)

But what if you could play auditory-ear-bending-stimulating-content that your customers could enjoy, actually looked forward to, and that ALSO played messages that created a Call-To-Action response from your prospect/customers?

Why not mix your audio music with intermittent "mini" commercials that create "calls to action" from your prospects or customers?

You can. And it's easy to do.

Here's the trick: You don't want to play 70% commercials to 30% music. Your employees will hate you and your customers will be annoyed.

Just mix a few commercials into your audio mix. Maybe 1 or 2 commercials every 7 to 15 minutes. Make 'em quick and sweet.  10 to 15 second spots. "Thank you for visiting. Did you know we're offering 15% off our entire line of....?" (back to music.)

You'd be amazed at how many prospects or customers will take action!

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