Making A Service Call Or Installation? Market While You Work!

December 31, 2017

If your business routinely makes service calls or installs products, why not take the opportunity to market while you work? Especially if you're in a high-traffic area!

If your service or install people are working in high-traffic areas, they could be generating your company valuable leads and sales. And the best part? It's another example of auto-pilot marketing.

There are many easy and affordable ways to turn your installers and service team into an additional support for your marketing and sales efforts. A very easy example is for your team to display an A-Frame Sign in their area of work that displays your marketing message and branding to people passing by. After the initial investment in the signage, it only takes your team 5 minutes to set-up and take-down. But it displays your message while also building goodwill and credibility for your company.

Here are a few additional ways to help your install and service teams market:

Yard Signs

Many solar power companies are great at displaying yard signage that promotes their message during the period (and even after) their team installs the new solar panels and systems. But a basic example of this is real estate sales signs. While it markets the home for sale or rent, it also markets the sales agent's and company's information.

Regardless of the industry you work within, it might make sense to have your team put up a couple yard signs during their work. Minimal cost, and just maybe it will land you additional sales leads or revenue!

Car/Truck Vinyl Wraps

A completely automated marketing system would definitely include wrapping your company cars or trucks in custom printed vinyl. After the initial investment in your wrap(s), there is no additional cost for your install, service, or even sales team to promote your marketing message while they're at the customer's location, as well as wherever they're driving! Works all the time the vehicles are on the road.

Company Shirts/Business Cards

Hopefully your service team proudly wears embellished shirts or uniforms. It not only promotes a professional look, but also provides valuable branding and marketing. Your team should also have business cards or product leave-behinds readily available to give to potential clients who inquire about your products or services.

Can't tell you how many times I've been on an install and had random passer-byes ask me for a business card. Many of these turn into great clients. Built-in credibility and zero additional marketing cost (except for the cost of the business cards or leave-behinds.)

Thank you for reading! Can't believe it's already the end of 2017!!



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