January 02, 2018

Your web domain should be EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE! Why not?

If you're in the restaurant industry, it should be on every menu, receipt, take-out cups and plates, sacks, shoot, even in on the walls in the women's and men's room.

If you're in the service industry, your domain should be plastered on your company vehicles, on your install or delivery signage, and on any leave-behinds your company utilizes.

The web is revolutionizing the way we do business and interact. It's only going to get bigger and bigger. It's allowing commerce to reaching every corner of the earth by every business. Your web address is what your old "toll-free" number used to be. Who calls businesses anymore?  Sure, sometimes. But the initial point of contact usually occurs at the web level. And usually at the company's web site.

So plaster that domain everywhere and anywhere possible. It doesn't cost you anything more. It's just there to make it easy for your prospects or customers to find out more immediately.

And hopefully you have an easy to remember website address. But definitely consider using Camel-Case regardless (click for more info.)

So print it everywhere and anywhere. What do you have to lose? Perhaps many, many leads and sales!

Thank you for reading,



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