Logo Placement- Think Outside (or on) The Box!

December 12, 2017

Companies spend a ton of cash on advertising. Billboards, commercials, tv/radio ads, mailers, sponsored ads on search engines.... the list goes on and on.

But what if I told you there are ways to gain valuable marketing visibility- often times without spending any or much money? There are! Sometimes you just need to be creative and think outside the box.

A couple months ago I was heading back to the airport in Las Vegas. While driving up to the departures area, I looked up at the pedestrian crosswalk/bridge above where we were being dropped off.  Right there, on the crosswalk, was a box sitting on the side featuring a very famous coffee shop. Just sitting there (for who knows how long,) acting as a very free marketing message in an extremely high-traffic area. Thousands of viewing impressions a day. And for how much money invested? Hmmm.

So I started thinking about a few examples of free (or almost free) marketing I've seen in the past.  Here are some of the best that immediately came to mind:

1) Highway clean-up "sponsored by" signs.

A while ago, I saw the same above-mentioned coffee company had sponsored a designated area on an interstate which promoted their name and also the fact that they were being a helpful and contributing business member of the community. But how many cars and trucks pass this sign every day. Every hour. Every minute.  Can't beat that kind of exposure- while also gaining invaluable goodwill.

2) Sidewalk corner branded by a very famous fast-food restaurant chain

When my daughters started attending our local elementary school, one of the first things I noticed was that a very famous fast-food restaurant had managed to brand the corner crosswalk where the kids cross the street. I'm not sure if they contribute to the cost of the crossing guard, or if they helped refurbish the sidewalk at some point, but this is one of the most ingenious, incredible marketing placements I've ever seen. While promoting goodwill in our community, they also managed to promote their brand. Awesome!

3) Branded/Logo magnets placed inside your customers place of business

Anytime you deliver your product to a customer or perform a service call, why not leave-behind a magnet to post on your customer's file cabinet or break room fridge that features your marketing message and contact information? Most of your customers will be o.k. with you doing this- it places your number in clear view in case they need to reach you. But it also may be in view of customers who visit that business!

4) Branded delivery boxes

Anytime you ship a product to a customer, it should be in a well-branded box or envelope. Big stickers work, or consider having a company print your branded boxes. The number of people who see this box while in transit or after delivery could surprise you. As mentioned in the above opening paragraph, a branded box was getting huge marketing impressions while it was sitting in on a cross-walk /bridge. And if you ship to businesses, your product box may sit in an open area for a while- thus being seen by all the customers who visit that business.  This is an extremely low-cost investment to have your marketing message out there all over the place. It could lead to you gaining future customers. Maybe more than you think!

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