If You Love It Than You Better Put A Sticker On It

December 03, 2017


Every time your product floats out the door, it better have your brand on it.

Every time you provide a service for your customer, it better have a brand somewhere left behind where everyone can easily see it.

Every time you provide anything for your customer (or prospect,) you better leave as many traces of your brand as possible.


How could you not?  Why would you want to vanish like a fart in the wind? Seriously?

You've done all the work to gain this customer or prospect, why not leave your trace?

It doesn't cost you much extra to leave a mark. And trust me, that mark is what gets you many or most of your future referrals or repeat customer orders.

Because if you're not firmly implanting your mark on every single customer and prospect, than the absolute minute you walk out that door, you might as well be invisible.
Unless you're lucky...

Lucky that customer or prospect kept your business card.

Lucky that customer or prospect is still the same person.

Lucky that they weren't approached by a different sales person or vendor.

Lucky that you still have the same contact information (you better!)

Well, I guess there's a lotta luck involved, but there doesn't have to be.

1). Put fliers, business cards, catalogs, stickers, decals, etc inside/outside every envelope, product package, delivery package, item, etc. EVERYTHING. Stamp it like your business depends on it.

2). Place decals/stickers or magnets near or everywhere near the item you've serviced. If you serviced the air conditioner, put a decal on the a.c., the electrical boxes, the reception file cabinet, the break-room wall, anywhere and everywhere you can do it. Don't leave anything to chance.  And if you offer side-services, make sure your decal promptly displays this. And it never hurts mentioning to the secretary or office manager or owner that you also do XYZ. These decals/stickers cost nothing. But they will be a long-term sales rep for you inside that business.  Trust-me it works.

So if you love your customers and prospects, you better put a sticker on 'em.



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