Invoices Make GREAT Marketing Fliers!

December 31, 2017

You're already giving your customer a receipt or invoice- whether in-person, or within their shipped product. Why not turn your receipt or invoice into a marketing message with serious potential?

Invoices and receipts are a couple (of very few items) that your customers are almost guaranteed to handle, and more than likely read- or at least to scan. You already pay the cost to print them or email them. Why not add a little (or big) marketing message embedded in the receipt or invoice? This is truly another great example of auto-pilot marketing!

It's fairly easy to create invoices or receipts that contain your product line-list or maybe even a discount for a future order. For our local business, we've used an automated database system to print our invoices and receipts that include a "personalized" message from the customer's sales representative, as well as, you guessed it, a line-list of additional products and services we offer.  All this above the product or service transaction and payment information. It's printed on every receipt or invoice, without any additional time or cost. Seamless. And I know it works, because I've had customers ask me about additional items listed on these documents.

So turn those "necessary paper items" into potential sales leads!

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