Branded Pens... You Never Know Where They'll End-up... Maybe In Your Prospects' Hands!

December 09, 2017

I was sitting at a workstation in production today and looked on the desk.  There, right in front of me, was a bright yellow and black pen with the company name "Ennis-Flint" imprinted on it.

Ennis-Flint... Hmmm. I didn't recall working with any vendors or customers with that name, so I went to their website

Turns out they're a really cool company in the traffic safety and pavement industry. Looking at their website, they've done some really awesome projects! And believe it or not, we sometimes receive inquiries about printing on parking lots and pavement. (So I now know whom to refer these leads to:)

But it made me wonder. How did this pen land on the desk at this workstation? And, more importantly, how many people have seen this pen on its journey to this desk?

I mentioned in an earlier blog post about leave-behinds and the value they can bring your company in the form of leads or sales. But this pen is a testimony to generating interest which could (or may have already) generated interest or leads or sales for Ennis-Flint.


Everyone uses pens.  Could your company benefit from brand recognition from something as simple and creative as a brightly embellished custom printed pen?
Every time you write-up a contract, why not hand the custom-printed pen to the customer and say, "Thank you! And by the way, keep this pen in case you need to reach me with any questions or help. And here are a couple more pens. Did I mention we have an awesome referral rewards program?"

Well, just wanted to share this thought from Ennis-Flint's pen I found today.  The question is, should I pass it along or hold on to it?  I guess I should pass it along in hopes it reaches a ton of prospects for the smart person who implemented this idea!

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