Referrals: The Key To Exponential Sales Growth

December 06, 2017

There's a very serious cost to finding new leads and customers. Whether you prospect (as in "cold-call") for leads, or your company pays to market to generate leads or customers, prospecting is a time-consuming and expensive business.

What if you could implement a system that starts generating you leads for virtually no additional expense or time commitment?

You can!

Implement A Referral System Today and Start Getting Awesome Qualified Leads!

A referral system is a system that encourages your happy customers (or even prospects) to help recommend additional prospects who may be very interested or eager to purchase whatever it is you're selling.

If you're in direct sales, here's a referral course I designed that explains (in great detail) how to implement a referral system.

The essence of a productive referral system is two-fold:

1) It must be implemented and used every-time you conduct a sale or even a presentation.

2) It must offer some type of incentive to your customer or prospect. True, you can ask for referrals without an incentive program, but nothing helps motivate your customers like a nice discount or gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant.

Just make sure you implement a system that probes for qualified referrals. Getting a list of non-qualified leads would be similar to just going through a phone book (remember those?) or directory.

If even 1 out of 5 customers or prospects gave you a couple referrals each, you could drastically cut-down on the amount of prospecting you'd need to do.

The best part about qualified referrals? They come with the endorsement of the person giving the referral. In other words, contacting these referrals is no long a cold call. It's a call with the endorsement of your current customer or prospect. And these types of calls almost always result in a phone or in-person appointment and often a sale!

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