You've Come A Long Way Baby - Insane Wide-Format Print Quality & Pricing

January 04, 2018

About 10 years ago, I was helping with a wall mural installation at a local shopping center. For some reason, many people get a kick out of watching us install vinyl. "So that's how you do it!" is a common comment. Actually had people sit on a bench and just watch us while asking questions.

On this occasion, a couple parked it at one of the benches in front of our install. We quickly struck up a conversation to find that they owned a sign company in the western part of the U.S. They were considering investing in a wide-format printer and were asking some really great questions.

"Why don't you come by our production facility and check ours out?" I mentioned. They were excited and quickly accepted the offer.

This couple had currently been making their signage using plot-cut vinyl, which was (and still is for some sign shops) the standard for making vinyl signs and banners. It's basically a "one-color-at-a-time" method that uses various solid colors of vinyl for the finished product. It's time consuming and labor intensive. And it also severely limits the colors and options for pictures and graphics. You basically can't print pictures. Just combinations of solid colors. (here's more info on wide-format digital printing vs. plot-cut vinyl.)

They explained to me that it took a very long time to make a basic banner. I became very excited to show them the benefits of using a full color wide-format printer.

After watching me print, seam and grommet a banner, they were extremely fired-up to invest in a wide-format printer. Not only does it decrease the time to make banners and signs, it also allows the sign shop to print some seriously stunning graphics. And I really mean stunning.

We're purchased our most recent Mutoh printer in late 2017. We'd used two different models prior which still deliver stunning graphics. The newest generation however, is faster and has features that save even more time. But I'm always impressed, almost daily, at some of the prints that come off our machines. "WOW!- check this out!"

We recently printed a huge number of foam board posters for a local resort (think extremely high-end resort.) Quality was a must. But the graphics they provided that we printed were jaw-dropping. And I mean jaw-dropping. Beautiful, brilliant colors. Super-clear and high resolution pictures. WOW!

And the best part about the current generation of wide-format printers? The speed and decrease in labor is enabling pricing to become even more and more competitive which is a win-win for everyone.

If you have any questions about wide-format printing, let us know!

Thanks for reading,


Chris Anderson

Lets Go Banners

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