Full Color Versus Plotted Vinyl Printing

Vinyl Banners is an incredibly popular method of advertising one's business or event.  Banners and "large format" advertising have been around forever.  However, the technology behind wide-format, high quality digital printed banners and signs is a fairly recent technology that allows companies to be very creative with their advertising.

The wide-format printing is similar to the technology that is used by normal desktop ink jet printers.  However, the wide-format printers are about 36" to over 100" wide and can print large volumes of banner or vinyl material in fast time!

With the advent of this new technology, make sure you ask your sign or banner company if they're able to print with full color or if they're using plotted vinyl, which is an older technology.  Plotted vinyl banners are made with actual vinyl that is cut and affixed to the banner material.  This can greatly limit the color combinations and quality (plotted banners are limited to pms or fixed colors, whereas full-color printers can match CMYK and print full-color logos and pictures, as well as the normal text and characters.)

Not that plotted vinyl doesn't have it's place.  We still use plotted vinyl for some yard signs and text or character based signs and banners, but we utilize our full-color technology for over 95% of our jobs.  We do, however, use plotters for contour cut labels and stickers (many plotters are equipped with an optical "eye" that can see the edges and cut within micro-millimeters to make almost a "perfect" cut around our clients labels or stickers all the time!)

Our equipment produces incredible signs, vinyl banners, and product labels, and we're very proud and excited to produce top-notch banners and signs for our clients.

Till next time,

Chris Anderson