When It Comes To Video, Hit A Triple For A Home Run

January 05, 2018

Post those videos! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video can be worth much, much more!

But if you REALLY want to get your bang for your buck, so to speak, make sure you cover three bases that are often left unattended- which can really diminish your video's potential.

1) Don't assume your audience can easily (or at all) hear the audio

Pretend like your audience or viewers can't hear the audio. Cuz guess what? Sometimes they can't. Might be due to bad headphones, hearing impairment, or because they're at work and don't want people to hear the audio. So try to make your video work without the audio. This one's easy- just add captions or text banners during the video to highlight the important stuff- important product or service info, phone number, website, company name or tag line, and special offers. Doesn't take much time to do, but it's worth the effort. Shoot, there were so many fireworks going off in my neighborhood this New Years Eve, I even turned on the closed-caption because even at full volume, I still was having trouble hearing the audio during my movie.

2) Don't assume your audience can easily (or at all) see the video!

This one may seem counter-intuitive; however, did you know that many people listen to videos without watching the video at all? I do this, so I know for a fact at least one person does it. But since many podcasts are broadcasted on sites like Youtube, I'm guessing a larger number of people than you may think use video sites for listening. I'll stream my favorite podcast on Youtube, put the headphones in, and go to sleep. So when the ads play, I often times have no idea what the ad was about. Sometimes the video just plays music.  So sad. What a waste! It also happens on cable. The t.v. is rolling, we're not really watching it but can hear it. The commercial goes for 30 seconds and we had no idea what it was about. I think we were busy cooking lol.

3) Transcribe to make the web spiders go crazy!

At least for now, search spiders can't really decipher with great accuracy what pictures or video are about. So other than your title tag and meta tags, and maybe on-page content or descriptions, the spiders have no clue. How do you turn that video into spider-munching content? Transcribe it! Sure, this may take a little work, but a video can give you a ton of great text content to post to your site or blog. Content that is probably really unique and interesting.  I call this "video fanning." Just have someone go back through the video and transcribe the audio conversation or content to text. And post it.  Simple way to get additional awesome content for your site!

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