A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Video Can Be Worth WAY MORE!

December 22, 2017

Are you currently utilizing video to promote your products or services on your website? Or to feature "happy customers" giving your business huge credibility?

You should be!

Many people are intimidated by creating video content for their websites. And sure, making a "professional production" might be a huge investment of time and money for you or your business.

But it doesn't have to be.

Often times, your suppliers may have done the heavy lifting for you. As an example, Lets Go Banners works with many suppliers who have already produced awesome product and instructional videos. All we have to do is incorporate them onto the appropriate web pages.

But what if you don't have any video? Well, it's actually not as difficult as might think to make your own.

Prospects who are visiting  your web page are normally more concerned about the content than whether or not your video is commercial-studio grade.

All you need to produce successful video are:

1) Decent camera/phone/camcorder

Most smart phones produce really nice video. And I still use a digital camcorder for some of our videos.

2) Decent microphone for voice-overs

You can pick-up a decent microphone from most big-box retailers or office stores. Sometimes the mic on your phone or camcorder is all you need.

3) Quiet, professional looking area or set-up to film your products or people

A small room with decent lighting is the most important thing. Good lighting is a must. It's also imperative that you film when it's quiet. Background noise is distracting. Just film in a quiet room or film when nobody is around! If you're filming a customer testimonial, you can do it almost anywhere! I've even video'd customer testimonials on a football field (with the wind blowing and a ton of background noise.)

4) Basic knowledge of editing your video. Some software is free!

I use Adobe Premiere, but used to use the video editing program that came with early versions of Windows. It usually only takes a couple hours to get the hang of how to import video and audio, and how to edit the content. Render to an MP4 and you're ready to go!

You can host your videos on Youtube (an additional way to get leads!) and embed the code into your web page.

I've also found that it's pretty easy and fun to get customer testimonials while you're at their place of business. And they often like the exposure their testimonial gets to help them also get leads! Never hurts to ask. Some people are a little shy on video, but many are more than willing and eager to help out!

You'd be surprised how quick and easy it becomes. Sure, it takes some time, but the dividends from incorporating video can be huge!

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