Turn That Glass Into Cash!

December 09, 2017

How would you like to turn some (or all) of your office or store windows into lead-generating or money-making machines?

You can!

Window vinyl is a fantastic way to turn windows or even walls into displays or billboards marketing your brand, products, or services. The best part? You can display virtually any type of graphic and content at an affordable price! Showcase stunning pictures of your products or menu items. Create bright and colorful messages to reach your target market. Maybe even utilize a 3D effect to capture attention.  The opportunities are endless.

There are several types of window vinyl depending on your needs and goals:

1) Solid Window Vinyl

Solid Window Vinyl is similar to wallpaper. It's printed in vertical or horizontal sheets (usually 3 to 4 feet wide) and applied with a very slight overlap in the graphics. Its opaque, so the graphics are non-see-through. It's usually applied with a wet-application method to help prevent bubbles or wrinkles. Since the vinyl is solid, if you choose the right graphics, you can accomplish truly stunning displays. The vinyl is usually laminated to provide extra durability.

Solid window vinyl can be installed on glass and many other substrates. Ask your sign shop (or call us today) if you have questions!

2) Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated window vinyl is vinyl produced with tiny dots in the material. These dots enable you to see through to the side that is illuminated. So for example, if you have perforated window vinyl installed on your store front window, during the day you will be able to see outside. It resembles having a light to medium tint on your window. Many of the resorts in Las Vegas have huge perforated window vinyl prints on the side of their buildings. If you've ever stayed in a room that has windows covered with this type of vinyl, you may have noticed you can see outside just fine. Maybe you noticed (if you looked close) you could see the tiny dots in the vinyl.

At nighttime, however, the people outside will be able to see inside if you have indoor lighting after the sun goes down. You can basically see through to whichever side is lighted.

Perforated window vinyl is an excellent choice if you would like to create a marketing message on your windows but would still like to see outside during the day. It's slightly less vibrant than solid window vinyl but can still promote dazzling and vibrant colors. Sometimes it's laminated, and often sign companies apply a spray laminate for extra durability. This type of vinyl is normally dry installed (not easy to do, but looks amazing once it's completed!)

3) Plot-Cut Window Vinyl

Plot-cut window is vinyl that is cut into particular shapes such as letters or logos. It's extremely common for companies to use plot-cut vinyl on their doors to display their office hours. But why not use plot-cut vinyl to display your brand message or special events? You can even use plot-cut vinyl to display pictures of food or menu items, featured products, or to create a colorful theme on your windows or walls.  And it's extremely cost effective, so you can even change out your message depending on the time of year or your marketing schedule.

So start turning your glass into a cash machine by utilizing vinyl to display your message (oh, and check out my blog post here to see how you can turn your floor space into a store space!)

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