The Myth Of "Keep It Short"

December 06, 2017

Often times "marketing experts" will tell you to keep your copy or content short and to the point. "Less is best." "Don't bore your prospects." "Nobody likes to read paragraph after paragraph of info."


In my humble opinion, your content should match the goal in mind.

Sure, if you're displaying a 2' x 4' vinyl banner at a busy intersection, you probably don't want to load it up with 80 lines of text and 20 pictures. (Check out my post on how to give your banners a power-punch here.)

However, if you're providing content to help a prospect learn about your products or services, you simply can't provide enough. A truly interested prospect will read as much as they can find to help educate themselves to make a proper purchasing decision.

And the best part?

Your content can act as a great sales letter. There are many great marketing books and gurus who've mastered the art of effective sales copy. The funny thing is, some of these authors' advice is to write crazy-long content to help educate (and convert) your prospect into a happy customer.

So the next time you're told to "keep it short," just smile and wonder where this person is getting their advice!

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