Give Your Custom Banner A Power Punch!

November 30, 2017

Ever drive by a banner and have to squint to read the message? Or maybe the colors blended into the background making it impossible to read.

Banners are an inexpensive way to deliver your marketing message but here are three quick and easy tips to make sure your banner delivers every time.

1. Decide the end result your banner is going to accomplish

Are you trying to make an impact to promote your brand? Are  you trying to get out a message to immediately draw people into  your store? Or maybe you're posting an informational banner such as meeting times at a trade show. The end result you're trying to accomplish should dictate your choice of colors, fonts, pictures (or no pictures,) and your marketing message.

Are you posting a banner to display your product quality or perhaps examples of artwork? Then high-quality and dazzling pictures and fonts may be the best choice. Are you trying to draw people to your restaurant or food truck? Then sell the sizzle- display two or three large mouth-watering pictures of samples of your best plates. Trying to promote a sale or event? Then huge bold letters announcing the event is the best choice.

2. Make sure the banner is extremely easy to read

Don't make the mistake of trying to jam too much information onto your banner if the banner is going to be at a busy intersection or mounted 15 to 20 feet or further from  your target market.

A rule of thumb is to keep high-traffic banners simple. Large BOLD letters that really stand-out from the background will get you the best results. High contrasting colors will ensure your banner doesn't turn into blurry mess. Two of the best color combinations to use are red and white, and black and yellow. Red on white letters are very easy to read even from long distances. Black on yellow is very eye-catching and can draw attention. And NEVER print red lettering on a black background. From a distance, the red gets lost and is unreadable.

Don't make the mistake of putting too much text on the banner. The message should take up most of the space.  A phone number or web address can also fit nicely on the banner, but if your target market is driving by at 40 miles per hour, they're not going to have much of a chance to read small text.

Keep the number of pictures to a minimum. The more pictures, the more they get lost.

3. Choose the proper size for your banner

Although banners come in virtually every shape and size, three very common banner sizes are 2 feet tall by 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide, and 4 feet tall by 6 to 10 feet wide. Obviously the price increases with the size of the banner, however, you should be willing to spend the amount needed to get the best results from your banner.

If your target market will be a short distance from the banner, it's usually safe to go with a smaller size. The further your market is from the banner, the larger your banner should be. Some cities have ordinances for sizes of banners, especially at intersections. If you must display a smaller banner in a high traffic area, go with the least amount of text possible and make the text as large and bold (with contrasting colors) as possible. If you're displaying a banner on the side of a building or set-back far from your market, a 4 foot by 10 foot banner (or larger) may be the best choice.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We offer high-quality custom printed vinyl banners (with seams and grommets) as well as banner hanging kits. (oh- and free ground shipping in the U.S.)

Here's an article all about vinyl banners.

Thanks for reading!



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