Instagram- Promote Your Business While Giving PR To Your Customers!

December 15, 2017

With our recent website migration and update, we finally started posting product pictures to Instagram. I help with emailing our team member pictures to post, but I've actually found this to be a lot of fun.

I have to admit, I don't know a great deal about the different social media marketing strategies, but there are several obvious opportunities in posting to Instagram.

1) Showcases your products/Services

It's a very quick and easy way to post pictures of new products or installations you've completed. And you can post these picts "on the spot" if you're part of the install team and have access to your company's Instagram account. Quick. Easy. Why not inform possible prospects or current customers about new or additional products you offer?

2) Gives you credibility

Pictures of your company installing products or providing services for customers in your area gives your company credibility. When prospects see work that you've completed, it gives them assurance that you're legitimate. And if you can post pictures of installs for highly influential or credible customers, all the better.

3) Promotes your customers

Pictures of happy customers help you with credibility, but it also showcases your customers! Why not pass along some p.r. lovin' to your customers? If you have a lot of followers, and they see one of your customer's mentioned in a post, it may lead to your followers becoming future customers! Win. Win!

4) Allows prospects or customers to "follow you" and keep updated on new posts

If someone follows your Instagram posts, it keeps them in the loop regarding your products and services. They can see new posts which feature the different products and services you offer which... you guessed it... lead to additional business for your company.

5) Allows you to follow your customers or prospects

By following your customers or prospects, you can keep-up with news and information. If you build great relations with many of your customers, it will help you keep in touch and up to date. And it may also give you ideas about ways you can serve them!

As always, you may want to get legal advice on what you can or can't post, and Instagram is a phone app, so it's not easy to post from a desktop. I researched it- seems there are work-arounds, but it's so easy to post from your phone.

I know I'm behind in the social media marketing area, but am gradually catching-up.

Thanks for reading!




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