Website Migration Update, Scary, Exciting, Stressful and More....

December 10, 2017

So in August, after eight solid months of designing this new website (think THOUSANDS of product and information pages, and while adding about 1000 new products), we launched

The final phase of our new website migration started to occur this past week: creating "301" redirects for each page (learn about 301s here) from to

I knew this would be the most stressful part of the entire website migration project.

Even though I've been involved in web and SEO for about 12 years, I knew this would be crazy stressful and that ultimately, there's no way to predict how the search engines will treat a total web migration. In this case, we migrated from to So we migrated to an entire new domain. Yikes!

Mapping each of the pages was a daunting task, but actually coding the redirects took waaaay longer than expected. We're through about 60% of the redirects and should be finished next week.

Our traffic has taken a major dip at this point which can be expected while the search engine's are updating our 301 redirects and evaluating the content on the new pages. But I'm so excited to see how our new site does in 2018! The Shopify platform offers so many options and opportunities, and we're very sincerely appreciate we've had their awesome customer support through this migration.

After the 301s are completed, we're planning to add additional content and exciting new products in 2018.

Thank you for reading, I'll post additional migration updates for those who are interested (STRESS! LOL.)





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