Informative Content- Give 'em As Much As They Want!

January 12, 2018

Can't tell you how many times I've heard from so-called marketing experts, "keep it short." They're usually referring to content on web pages, fliers, or catalogs.

I have to disagree.

In fact, I believe the opposite is true. The more content the better.

Let me ask  you this. Any time you've been faced with making a significant purchase or investment, did you research a little before you purchased? If you're like me, you probably research a lot. A whole lot.

If I'm making a significant purchase, I'll read through as much content as I can to help me make a good decision. Give me page after page, and I'll more than likely read every bit of it. Sometimes several times.

So why do some marketing gurus tell us to keep content short?

Well, there are times you may not want to add a ton of text or content at the top. For example:websites. Especially since more and more people are searching using a phone or tablet. You may want to have pictures and short, concise descriptions at the top of the page. But this doesn't mean you want to remove all the informative content from your web page. It just needs to be easy to navigate to so that your prospect can still easily consume it if they wish to. This can be done by putting the content at the bottom of the page, linking to a separate page, or linking to downloadable PDF files. But by all means, give your prospects as much information as you can. This also includes spec sheets, templates, and instructional videos.

Your content doesn't have to be a big sales pitch. Sure, there are tons of books written about effective sales copy, and sales copy in content may work for your products or services. But informational content that educates the customer may be enough to help them build confidence in choosing your product or service!

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