Which Product Label Is Right For Me?

December 13, 2017

If you sell product packages, you undoubtedly are embellishing these packages with some type of imprint or label/decal.

Most companies use product labels- at least until it makes sense to utilize printed packaging. But costs to pre-print packaging may not be justified until a certain volume level is reached. So if you're using product labels, are you using the correct type?

There are several types of labels/decals available. Here are a few examples:

1) Paper Labels-Printed on paper with adhesive backing

2) Laminated Paper Labels-Printed on paper then laminated

3) Vinyl Labels-Printed on vinyl media with adhesive backing

4) Laminated Vinyl Labels-Printed on vinyl with an added laminate coating

So which type should you choose?

Paper labels are the most affordable and can be printed in-house. However, paper labels, especially without laminate, can smudge or tear quickly. They should only be used when absolutely necessary or if your product has an extremely short sale to consumption cycle. Paper is normally ok for pricing/bar coding, but for displaying  your product logo or information, it's usually not a good idea to go with paper alone.

Laminated paper has an additional layer of protection with the laminate. It's normally ok to use paper laminated labels on most products. However, if you have a food product or product that has liquid involved, you should test this type of label to make sure the laminate provides enough protection so that you don't find your label getting soggy and tearing or bleeding.

Vinyl labels are stronger and more resilient than paper labels. It's not easy to tear vinyl, and vinyl labels are often affordably contour cut into almost any shape. They can also be printed on glossy or matte finish, and vinyl printed media is usually very colorful and vibrant.  Vinyl labels can, however, be a larger investment than paper labels.

Vinyl + Laminate labels are one of the strongest and durable solutions you can choose. The vinyl is laminated with an additional layer of clear vinyl for additional protection. The laminate makes the vinyl incredibly durable and resistant to smudging, stretching, or tearing. If you're in need of a product label that needs to last a long time, this might be your best solution.

As with using any new type of printed media, it's always a great idea to test your labels to make sure you're happy with the results.

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