Which Banner Stand Should I Choose?

November 30, 2017

Need a banner stand? The choices can be overwhelming.  You have a marketing event to attend and the last thing you need is having to look at five hundred different types of stands. Choosing the best stand for your need is easy once you know your objective. Here are the top five things to consider to narrow down your choice:

Long or short-term use?

Do you need a stand for a one-time use? Or will you be using your stand several times a month or often during the year? If you're only using your stand one time, you may be able to get by using an X or L Stand. These stands are among the most affordable (often  under $20) and will display your banner nicely in an indoor setting.  If you're planning on using your stand over and over, you may want to invest in a nicer retractable banner stand with a carry case or hard case for transporting. Retractables allow you to "slide" the banner up onto a pole out of the base. The base keeps your banner wrinkle-free and protected from wear and tear. (here's an in-depth article about retractable or "pull-up" banner stands.) Retractable banner stands usually cost from @$40 to $200 range depending on the quality and options.

Indoor or outdoor?

Is your event indoors or will it be outdoors or in a windy environment? Make sure you choose the right option. Indoor banner stands cannot withstand much wind. X and L stands can easily be blown over and retractable banner stands can tip with a gust of wind. Outdoor banner stands normally come with a heavy base that can often be filled with sand or water for extra weight or stability.

Adjustable or static?

Will you be using the same banner or same-size banner every time? Than a static (non-adjustable) stand will work. But if you're planning on using different size banners, you may need a banner that adjusts to fit your size. Some adjustable stands size to fit different heights, while others adjust to fit varying width and heights.

Big or small?

How much space do you have to display your banner? If you're in a 10 foot wide booth, you may only have enough room for a 2 or 3 foot wide stand displayed next to your table.  If you have a huge booth space, you may be looking for a back-drop, Slider, or Jumbo banner stand (some which adjust to fit your banner's size.)


In the end, it may come down to budget.  If you only have $100 for your graphic and stand, you may be limited to an X, L or inexpensive retractable stand and graphic. But if you have an adequate budget, try to consider the above points to choose the right stand for the best return.

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