Well, Thankfully The Site Migration Is Complete!

August 22, 2017


It's been a very long, long, long eight months!

After setting-up a game plan, our team at Lets Go Banners took to the epic task of re-designing and migrating our old website to our new Shopify platform.

Our old website was designed starting back in 2008.  We used a program called Net Objects Fusion, which served our site really well until.... Google announced that non-responsive websites would start getting penalized in their search results.  OK, we heard that a while back, but we waited. and waited and waited... Until,

In the fall and winter months of 2017, our online sales and leads started to fall.  They would go up and down, but eventually, in December of 2017, our team had a serious meeting: "We need to finally do this." "Yes, but we have thousands of web pages." "I know, but we need to do this." "OK, let's get started."

So after conducting several weeks of research, contacting reliable web-marketing friends, and finally deciding on a goal-date, we started our epic task of re-designing Lets Go Banner's website.  As a team, we knew this would be no easy task. The current Lets Go Banners site has thousands of pages.  To re-create and migrate the current site onto a new platform would be tricky, but we were up for it.

So it took every bit of eight months.  And we're proud to finally launch our new site. The new domain is "ShopLetsGoBanners.com", but the LetsGoBanners.com will eventually merge into this new domain.

We're hoping it serves our goal (and Google's) of making it responsive, more easy to navigate, and also to serve you a better site to make decisions and purchasing easier.  As an example, we've added product templates, spec sheets, and instruction sheets to each product page. We've stream-lined our check-out system. We've placed our site on an https (secure server) for added security for your shopping, and we've added a Live Chat that reaches our team not only on PC's, but also on our team's mobile devices.

So in a nut-shell, we hope you approve of our attempted improvements.  And we hope to continue to do business with you! If you're a new customer, we look forward to building a relationship with you!

Thanks for your time,

Chris and Marnie Anderson
Lets Go Banners dot Com


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