Up-Sells and Side-Sells: Increase Sales While Helping Your Customers

December 04, 2017

You may think your customers know all the different kinds of products or services you offer.  Well guess what? You're probably very very wrong on this one.

I'm always surprised when one of our customers purchases a type of signage or trade show display from a different vendor when they give us a large amount of their business.

"I didn't know you offered those," is the standard response.

And unless you only offer ONE product or service, I bet you're leaving money on the table while also falling short on filling some or many of your customers' needs.

We offer thousands of different types of marketing products, so it can be challenging educating our customers about all the different items.  But there are several ways you can up-sell or side-sell your customers in very non-threatening ways.

Up-sells are larger or "next-level" product or service packages your customer may purchase.  Side-sells are additional products or services that compliment the current products or services your customers are purchasing.

So an example of an "up-sell" for Lets Go Banners would be to entice our customers to purchase a larger banner than the one they are currently purchasing.  An example of a "side-sell" would be offering banner hangers or stretchers to help our client display their banner.

We attempt these up and side-sells in several different ways.

1) During face-to-face meetings or phone conversations with customers:

"You know, you're purchasing the Silver Step Retractable Banner Stands. You might want to consider adding hard cases for transporting them."

So if my client is already purchasing retractable banner stands, and will be transporting them to many trade shows, why wouldn't they want to invest a little more money to make their stands and graphics last? Of course they would. But they may have not known these cases existed, or perhaps they weren't thinking about it.  An easy side-sell that is a win win.

Or if a customer is purchasing a 4' x 10' vinyl banner, but could really benefit from the exposure of a 8' x 20' banner, why not suggest it?  They may say no, but often times, if they trust you, they will go with your idea. If you're the expert in your field, and really care about your customers and prospects, why wouldn't they at least consider your recommendations?

Up-sells and side-sells can be done via phone, face-to-face or even on live chat or test, but you can also up and side-sell during check-out on your website, or include flyers or coupons along with your products or services.

Educate your customers in a non-threatening way. You may just find a bump on sales revy while also helping your customers solve some problems!



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