Up-sell Your Customers With Sincere Suggestions

December 17, 2017

Up-selling sometimes gets a bad wrap in sales. Often times we think of the pushy salesperson trying to insist we add the warranty, or the insurance rep trying to add-on additional types of insurance we really don't want right now.

But the thing is, if a salesperson has the customer's best interest at heart, then suggesting an add-on to the customer's purchase will usually be a win-win.

Many times a customer simply doesn't know there exist additional options or add-ons that will greatly enhance her purchase. Only by your sharing this information will your customer learn the advantages of making an additional investment to gain some or many additional benefits to her or his purchase.

If the customer trusts you enough to purchase from you, they will more than likely listen to and value your opinion regarding any additional items or services you recommend.

As long as it comes from the heart, and you truly believe it's in their best interest, you might be surprised at the increase in your sales numbers while also increasing your customers' satisfaction!

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