Twas The Night Before Marketing, And All Through The Shop...

December 24, 2017

So you have a huge marketing campaign rolling out.. Maybe even tomorrow?
Are you nervous? Maybe stressed-out?

No need.

Here are a few quick tips to help put your marketing jitters to rest.

1) Set-up a "quick-list" benchmark monitoring system. What are the three or four most important bench-marks that you should monitor to make sure your campaign is going according to plan? How long should you wait for results? What's your high, medium and low expectations? If you're coming in low, can you make a strategic change to get things back on course? Do you have a simple measuring system set-up to watch results? (phone calls, walk-in traffic, web leads, live chats, etc?) Usually there are ways to get a low-performing marketing campaign on track. Try to brainstorm a few ideas you can do to help improve the results now, until waiting until after the campaign starts. Hopefully you won't need to implement any of these, but at least you'll have a back-up plan.

2) Remember that it's only one campaign. And unless you have EVERYTHING RIDING ON IT, try to calm your nerves by reminding yourself that many (if not most) marketing campaigns are mediocre at best. And even if this campaign falls on its face, you more than likely will still receive invaluable branding exposure that could equate to future leads and sales. And even if this campaign doesn't go according to plan, you will definitely benefit from the experience. Try to make sure you test and document as much as possible to help with future campaigns!

3) Look forward to celebrating after the campaign kicks-off or is complete. Celebrate that you successfully made it through the campaign, no matter what the results. Marketing is stressful- every part of it can be a huge time and money commitment. But you made it! Be proud of yourself that you took the risk to undertake the campaign and remind yourself that each and every campaign makes you better and stronger and more experienced.

Hang in there!

Thank you for reading,



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