The Sights, The Sounds, The Smells of.... Marketing!

December 27, 2017

You have a stunning logo. A beautiful, stunning color mix. A powerhouse unique sales proposition or tag line. But marketing goes way beyond your logo, colors and tag line.

Ever been in a business that markets to all your senses?

Every time (which is often) I visit a Starbucks, any Starbucks any where, I experience a total immersion of my senses into the Starbucks experience.

Sure, the easily recognizable logo is front and center. But it goes way beyond that. I walk through the doors and am instantly enveloped in the wonderful smells of coffee brewing. I hear the machines churning out a huge variety of hot and cold drinks to eagerly waiting customers. Their retail areas are set-up with care, tempting anyone and everyone to purchase a coffee, mug or gift for a friend.

The stores are designed to be inviting. There's just something very unique about each Starbucks. And the stores are clean. Super clean. Neat. Organized.
I could walk into a Starbucks without seeing the logo and I would still know I'm there.

It's a total experience that is completely consistent to any Starbucks I've been in.

And there are many, many additional examples of businesses that integrate their marketing and branding into such an all-encompassing experience. I'm sure you can think of many.

And it can and should be done for any type of marketing and branding aware business.

Whether its food, non-food products, or services.

Do your customers experience a total marketing experience? From the logo, colors and tag line well into the "look,", "feel," "sounds," and structure of your business?

Whether you have one or one hundred locations, take a hard look at your current marketing and branding experience. Are there things you could change or add to give your customer a truly unique experience that they will love and remember your business for? That will make them tell friends about you? That will entice them to come back often?

Just something to think about!

Thank you for reading,



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