Sometimes Less Is More!

December 26, 2017

Oftentimes people attempt to jam as much text as possible into the space they have available. The fact is, especially with banners, the more text you add, the less-likely it is to be read. I've seen 2x4 foot banners that looked like a paragraph had been written. From more than a few feet away, the text blurs into unreadable jargon.

If you really want to highlight your most important message, try giving it some room in the form of               White Space.        Add some white space all around it to make it stand out.

The same goes for fliers or catalogs. While it's true that people are more than eager to consume as much content as possible when researching about a product or service they're interested in, it's the opposite when you're main goal is to attract attention.

White space around a bold text message (preferably in a sans serif font,) will really make your message stand out.

So in this day of information and advertising overload, consider less! Add some white space to make your message pop.

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