Shout-Out To Sign Shops...How Do You Organize Remnants?

January 14, 2018

Ok, we could use some help here.

This blog post is directed primarily to sign and vinyl shops, but if you're in a similar industry, maybe you could give us a few helpful hints.

I'm talking substrate remnants. The stuff left over after you've produced signs or banners. Might be pvc, coro-plast, foam board, vinyl banner, mesh banner, window perforated vinyl, or even plexiglass. (But wait... There's more!) Sincerely, there are so many substrates- you know what I mean.

Many of the jobs we produce utilize 80% or 90% of the substrate. BUT, there's always that leftover 10% to 20%. Stuff, that YOU JUST KNOW, you'll probably need someday to complete a different order.

And we all know that storing short remnant rolls of media is difficult, due to dust, even with the most careful care and handling.  "That roll of five foot banner's never going to get used." (but maybe we should keep it, just in case:)

We've tried everything to organize our remnant substrates.

Inventory system (too much work)

Signs for organizing (doesn't work)

Throwing everything away (works, but not what I'm looking for)

Stacking vertically, horizontally, stored in different locations, stored in same locations.

Donating to local schools and day care businesses -- guess what, you need to invest time into marketing just to give stuff away!


So if you've had experience dealing with remnant substrates, and have a suggestion for how best to manage the remnants to save costs, decrease waste, I'd sure like to hear it.

Thank you so much,



Lets Go Banners

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