Picture Resolution- How High Is High Enough?

December 08, 2017

So you're going to add a picture (or several) to your banner or sign. What size resolution should you use for best results?

Many sign shops utilize printing equipment that can print in extremely high resolution. Very often we print pictures that put me in awe. The technology and equipment can be pushed to the limit to produce stunning and vibrant pictures.

Many of our customers upload picture files that are of very poor quality. When we email our client's art proof, we note when the picture is pixelated (blurry,) and often ask if they can submit a higher quality picture.

But the resolution of your picture should "fit" the goal of your sign or banner.

If your sign (such as food menus) will be displayed fairly close to your customers, you should try to obtain the highest quality resolution possible. 300+ dpi is standard on most cameras. Anything below 300dpi can really short-change your pictures. Often times our client's picture files are 500 to 1000mb each. We know we're going to get a sub-par picture when the picture is under 1 or 2mb.

If your pictures are close-ups of items such as jewelry, go with professionally produced pictures in extremely high resolution. It truly makes a huge difference.

If your sign or banner is going to be displayed at a distance, lower resolution pictures may work.  The high details of high-res pictures often get lost at a distance.

But to play it safe, try to obtain picture images as high-quality as possible. You never know when you may want to re-purpose these images for brochures, catalogs, or other collateral in the future. And always request an art proof from your designer or sign company prior to giving the "ok" to print.

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