My Bologna Has A First Name- A Catchy Jingle Stays With Us Forever

January 12, 2018

My Bologna Has A First Name, it's O-S-C-A-R....

My wife and I were singing this jingle in the car the other day. Not sure what made us think of it, but you bet we still knew the words to the entire song! This jingle was famous in the 1970s and I still remember it!

When you think of popular jingles, more than likely a national company comes to mind. But I've also heard some fantastic jingles marketed by local and regional companies. Yep, those still stick in my mind to this day!

Perhaps a jingle could work for your company? I'm not sure who or how you would go about creating a jingle, but I've come up with a few over the years for a small business we owned that I had a few local musicians record. Only took a couple hours and the cost was minimal. We used one jingle on local radio stations for quite a while. At one point I was even considering starting a jingle company: Chris Jingle. Well, haven't done it yet, but you never know!

Here's a blog post of the top 10 jingles of all time.

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