I Think We Need To Shed Some Light On The Matter

December 29, 2017

Although most trade shows have decent lighting in their exhibit halls, not all of them do. If you're in an area with poor lighting, it can really hinder the colors and messages of your banner stands or trade show displays. Or if you're setting up a display in location with poor lighting, you're sunk from the start.

The solution? Drum roll please.....

Add one or multiple trade show lights to your display! (I bet you never would have thought of this lol:)

Lights are a super quick and easy (and affordable) way to make your display "pop." The lighting gives extra brilliance to your display's color, and often makes reading and viewing the displays much easier. Face the fact- if you're in an area with displays, and 90% of them are somewhat dark and gloomy, and then there are a few that are magnificently lit-up, which displays will grab your attention?

Lights are available in basically two different types: Incandescent and LED. You're more than likely familiar with the differences between an incandescent versus LED light. They give off a different light. LED's are normally much "whiter" and brighter, but some people prefer the warm glow of an incandescent light.

The two lights slightly differ in price, so it's really a matter of preference.

Some trade show displays come with lights included, for others you may need to add an optional light. You can usually get away with just one light for most retractable banner stands; however, for banner "back-walls" and trade show displays, you will more than likely need two or more lights to really illuminate your display properly.

If you're interest in our line of trade show lights, click here. Or if you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-267-5814 or live chat today!

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