"Get Your Tickets!"

January 06, 2018

A friend of mine who has a retail store has been using this technique to get free advertising and to drive traffic to his store for over ten years now.

He's become a community "ticket outlet" for his area. You know, the shows in your community that are often at a college or community center? Many times these shows are locally sponsored, kinda "small time," so tickets won't be for sale on a major site like TicketMaster, but people still need places to buy or pick-up a ticket.

That's where my friend comes in.

And he gets a 2X Boost to his marketing results, while also offering a valuable community service.

First, our local radio stations normally advertise or promote these local shows or events. "Purchase your tickets at the following local stores:" (insert my friend's store here:)

So he's getting FREE Radio Exposure!!!

Second, many of the people who wish to buy a ticket walk right into his store to do so. You think any of these people might, maybe, actually purchase a couple things while they're buying their tickets? You bet.

So he's also getting FREE traffic and Potential Sales!!!!

Both of these awesome marketing benefits while providing a valuable community service. Some of these shows and events need ticket outlets. So he helps them, and also gains some awesome credibility and marketing benefits.  Win. Win.

How do you become a ticket outlet? Call your radio station and ask who the contact people are for these types of events. Or you could also attend a couple events and ask people carrying clipboards whom you should talk with.

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