Easel Backs.... Quick, Easy, and Effective!

December 20, 2017

About 10 years ago, we added easel back table-top displays to our website.  It really wasn't until social media caught-on that we started selling a lot of these.

I think it was Pinterest that really started sending traffic to our easel back pages.

And (if my memory serves me right,) it was from people doing craft fairs. They were using these to add marketing/signage to their tables.

The easel backs we carry come in a few different sizes and are ideal for making your sign "stand alone" on top your table. Just peel and stick the easel back to your cardboard or foamcore message and it does an excellent job displaying it on your table.

We also offer plastic clip bases that are similar to the easel backs in functionality- but they're plastic and hold the signage from the bottom instead of the back, so you can display double-sided messages.

So check these out! Very affordable, quick and easy to set-up, and may help you convert a few prospects into customers!

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