Don't Let Your Banner Stand Get Blown-Away In The Wind!

December 10, 2017

We receive inquiries all the time such as, "Can I use that banner stand outdoors?" Or, "It might be a little windy, will that stand "stand-up" to small gusts of wind?"

Well, it's a fairly easy answer most of the time. If the customer is trying to use their retractable banner stand or X banner stand outdoors, that's a huge No-No.

Stands are usually designed for either indoor or outdoor use. While most outdoor displays could be used indoors, there's really never a time you should consider using an indoor stand outside.

You may be tempted... It's a bright, sunny day. No wind. No rain. Perfect.
You have an outside marketing event. "Well, I suppose we could set-up our retractable stands since we have the extra room. They look so nice. Sure, let's do it."

Then, 45 minutes after you set up your stands, a gust of wind comes through and blows your banner stands onto the ground. While they're laying on the ground, a freak rainstorm downpours and fills your stands with water. While it's raining, the crowd of people taking shelter trample your stands.  If this weren't bad enough, a bolt of lightning strikes one of the stands and catches it on fire (ok, too much, but you get the point.)

Inside stands should never be used outside. Most X and L Stands can't handle any gusts of wind, and even retractable banner stands with sturdy bases such as the Silver Steps can be tipped with a little wind. Think of sails on a sail boat.

If you need displays that you may use outdoors (and also indoors,) why not invest in an outdoor banner stand? While the selection is a little smaller, there are still many types of stands designed for outside use.

The outdoor stands are manufactured to withstand normal (mild) outdoor weather conditions. They often come with plastic bases that can be filled with sand or water for extra weight and stability. And many of the custom canopy tents come with step-stakes that anchor the poles and display to the ground.

The best part? Most of these stands can be used outdoors as well as indoors!

So before you invest in your next banner stand or display, consider weather (see what I did there) you will be using it indoor or outdoor or both!

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