Don't Just "Hang Around..." REALLY HANG AROUND With A Hanging Banner Display!

December 28, 2017

Hanging Banner Displays by Lets Go Banners
Looking for a marketing product that can really "pull them in" at your next trade show or conference? Why not make a really big impact with a Hanging Banner Display?
If you've been to a trade show, you've no doubt seen one or a few of these types of displays. They proudly hang above one or many booths displaying the company's logo and marketing message. For the past many years I've attended the ISA Sign Show, I always check out the many hanging displays. And trust me, at the sign show, there are many. When I'm looking for a vendor's booth, the first thing I do is look up in the air to see if it helps me locate them faster and easier than if they didn't have one. You definitely can't miss them.

Hanging banner displays come in many sizes and shapes. The most common shapes include circles, squares, and triangle displays; however, there are many additional displays such as football, pyramid, disk, and tapered shapes. Not happy with the available shapes? Yep, you can even customize your own shape!

Many custom printed hanging banner displays are made of fabric with a "zipper" attachment. They come in one piece and fit tightly over the frame. Our frames are aluminum; some are made from different materials which may be less or more expensive.

They assemble fairly quickly and easily, and the graphics can be changed-out in the future if needed.

Some hanging displays even come with rotor attachments that allow them to rotate 360 degrees at your show. These can add a significant cost to your display, but you may feel it's worth it.

Our line of Hanging Banner Displays normally take four business days to produce (after art confirmation,) and we offer free ground shipping in the continental U.S. If you're interested in additional information about our displays, please call now: 866-267-5814 or live chat us!

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ps, our Hanging Displays come with a free travel bag!

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