Don't Forget To Add Some Holiday Cheer... Don't Be A Scrooge!

December 14, 2017

So 2017 has come and gone. Can you believe it?

I can't.

This year went so fast, I'm still writing 2016 on the few checks I write haha!

We printed a big Santa face last week as a test print on one of our wide-format printers. "Don't throw it away! I'll put it on our local delivery van!"

Well, a full week went by, and I'm excited to announce, just after midnight tonight, flashlight in tow, I finally installed the Santa face on the back of the van.  I actually had to prop my cellphone flashlight using my belt to hold it so I could see what I was doing. But at least for tonight, it looks pretty nice!

My wife and daughters have been playing Christmas music since maybe August. They're pretty-much in the Christmas spirit all year.  I love Christmas music too. Sometimes I'll put my Christmas station on Pandora as early as June or July for a couple of days.  It always puts me in a great mood.

What's so crazy is that our country seems to make Christmas such a huge business event.  I get it.  Retail often lives or dies by the Christmas season.  And I get sucked into the shopping vortex (always at the last minute lol) for a couple of days.

But so many people love the Christmas holiday. So if you get a chance, don't forget to add some holiday cheer- Christmas (or whichever holiday you choose to celebrate.) Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for your friends, and maybe do it for your prospects or customers.  But do it from the heart. Don't worry about sales this month, just have some fun.

Take a break.

Maybe follow some long-standing traditions, or perhaps even start some new ones!

About 5 years ago, my daughters and I started the tradition of making biscuits and gravy on Christmas morning. Right after we open the presents. We always have to Google the recipe, even tho it's so simple. I always make sure we have the ingredients the day before- flour, milk, sausage, biscuits, pepper, butter.  That's about it. Here's the recipe we use every year: Biscuit and Gravy Recipe

So we make the biscuits and gravy, each year trying not to burn the biscuits. We bought a new oven this year, so I'm hoping it goes more smoothly.

After we eat the B&G, we help my wife start preparing for the Christmas feast. (Well maybe after a quick nap.) But we usually have turkey and all the fixings. Some years it's ham, but turkey is the way to go for us.

So have some fun. Be festive. Celebrate. Take a breath.

There will be plenty of time for work in 2018. So let's have some fun!

Thanks for reading,

Cheers and Merry Christmas,


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