Does Your Marketing Message GRAB ATTENTION?

December 30, 2017

Are you starting your marketing campaign with an attention-grabbing statement or picture?

It's challenging enough to attract your prospects' attention. Once you have it, you gotta keep that attention long enough to see your marketing message.

How do you do this? Why not ask a question?

Or post a unique image that makes 'em curious?

The featured statement or picture should draw them in to your message. Whether it's a sales letter, flier, catalog, or commercial. They must be curious enough to keep going. Otherwise you'll lose them.

I watch Youtube quite often. The commercials that play randomly always make me wonder. I would think that most of these commercials are skipped quickly (if not as soon as possible)- that is, unless the viewer is interested, then they may watch most of or the entire video.

But if advertisers only have 4 or 5 seconds to create curiosity, why not get the most from those 4 or 5 seconds? I'm always amazed when I see commercials that I skip where I had no clue who the advertiser was. At all! And sometimes I only listen to the audio on video sites. You'd be surprised at the number of ads that only play music. I miss the entire marketing message! Sure, I'm watching video sites, but why not at least use audio to help convey your branding (at least) or marketing message (preferred.)

How do you grab attention?

1) Use an interesting (funny, unique, brilliant, beautiful, stunning) picture to capture the eye.

2) Start your message with a question. People seem to read a sentence when it's posed as a question. Sometimes it really makes you think, doesn't it?

3) Use arrows. Arrows automatically "point" your prospect to the message you want them to read. Red arrows work really well.

4) Use CASH. Well not real cash, just pictures of cash (make sure you follow the laws/rules on what you're allowed to do with marketing/printing pictures of currency. But cash gets peoples' attention. Not sure why hahah.

And obviously, try to test your results. Find a winner and roll it out.

Thank you for reading:)




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